Print Release – Jake Aikman

Print Release

‘South Atlantic’ – Jake Aikman

15 layer Screenprint
82 x 66cm
Limited Edition of 40
£250 + shipping

We are extremely pleased to announce the debut print release from South African artist Jake Aikman. This 15 layer screenprint titled ‘South Atlantic’ depicts one of Jake’s signature seascapes in oil and is available in an extremely limited edition of just 40 prints via our web store on Thursday 18th October at 3pm (BST)

We became aware of Jake’s work last year when he painted his first ever mural in Kiev, Ukraine as part of the ‘Art United Us’ project. The piece was a 4 storey high painting of the Black Sea, offering the local community a seductive depiction of the elemental forces of nature.

Discussing his work Jake states, “Human vulnerability and awe in relation to the sea has interested me long before I picked up a brush to paint it. In my opinion the sea reminds us that we are not in control of the forces of nature, and linked to that reminder are the trials and tribulations of the viewer’s life. My goal is to get under the skin or behind the veil of the purely visual experience of the image. Ultimately my wish is for the viewer to engage with what lies beneath the surface within themselves.”

‘South Atlantic’ encapsulates the ambiguity and familiarity within his seascapes. Potentials of time, place and circumstance exist for the audience to arrange and re-arrange.

The print will be available to purchase at 3pm (BST) on Thursday 18th October via