Our Services

The studio is equipped with facilities for…

Screen Printing – We have a large open plan space incorporating two large screen printing beds that enable us to print up to 4ft by 3ft

Etching – Our Etching area is an open plan space equipped with 3 presses, the largest of which enables us to print up to 5ft by 3ft. We regularly combine both etching and silkscreen processes within the same print

Digital – Our digital suite includes two state of the art large format Epson printers (SureColor P9000 and Stylus Pro 11880) which produce the most accurate digital reproductions using archival inks

Relief – For Relief printing (Woodcut, Linocut etc.) we are equipped with an Albion press built in 1893 and a 19th Century Columbian press that was previously owned and used by British artist Michael Rothenstien

Stone Lithography – We have a dedicated Stone Lithography area within the studio enabling artists to work directly onto Limestone to produce truly original prints

Letterpress – We have an ever expanding collection of antique metal and wood type. This can be used on our dedicated Western proof press or on either of our relief presses