Jochen Mühlenbrink – ‘WP – The Cut’

We are thrilled to be releasing our second collaboration with
German artist Jochen Mühlenbrink on Thursday 12th October‘WP – The Cut’
21 Layer Hand-Pulled Silkscreen with Spot Varnish
67 x 81cm
Somerset Velvet 300gsm
Edition of 30

+ Shipping + Applicable Local Taxes

On Sale via our Webstore at 1pm (UK) Thursday 12th October

‘WTP – The Cut’
(Hand Painted)Jochen has also created a series of 10 special prints that incorporate his masterful ‘tromp l’oeil’ painting method to make pieces that sit perfectly between prints and originals. A truly special opportunity.

21 Layer Silkscreen with Oil + Dammar Resin
67 x 81 cm
10 Unique Pieces
Includes a copy of Jochen’s most recent Monograph

+ Shipping + Applicable Local Taxes

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