Ben Crase

We have collaborated with American artist Ben Crase on two sold out silkscreen editions, ‘The Grasshopper’ and ‘Ladybug’.

Ben is a self taught artist currently working out of San Diego, CA. He began painting full time at the beginning of lockdown. He immediately began drawing inspiration from the environment he grew up in.
Ben was born in Butte, Montana, a frontier mining town once known as ‘The Richest Hill in the World’ where at the turn of the 19th century prospectors flocked in abundance, attracted by the riches buried in the mountains and the vices lining the streets. The saloons and hotels of Butte form the world of Ben’s paintings and the characters that frequent them his subjects.

His subversive paintings question how we portray this era of modern history. The usual swashbuckling icons of masculinity, pioneering their way through uncharted plains are replaced with the sleepless stares of weary souls, stumbling out of one bar to the next, the dust of destroyed hills settling around their boots.